Saturday, 4 March 2017

Try this!

In Ruma Rima we love to solve problems, the challenge and reward. This is the problem Ruma Rima worked through this week. Try it yourself share your solutions. Photos show some of the ways we worked on the problem.

Using the numbers 1 – 9 put a different number in each circle. Arrange the numbers so that the sums of the three numbers on each side are
  • all different sums
  • all the same sums
  • all even sums
  • all odd sums
What is the biggest and smallest side sums that you can make?


  1. Hello Paparoa Range,
    I quite like how you have your maths and what people have done for it. Also it made me think of how many options there may be. But have you thought about changing the colour of the text, for i found it hard to read.
    From Thomas

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  3. Hello Paparoa Range
    I like what the kids did on the ground so you can find out how to do it
    maybe next time you could do it out side.
    by Phillip

  4. Hello Paparoa Range,
    thank you for being part of tuhi mai tuhi atu and Merry Christmas.
    From Thomas


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